Providing You With Perfect Pawning

Serving the Rapid City, SD area since 2011, Presidential Pawn & Gun has amassed a fine collection of many items that are great for unique gifts or accenting your own home décor. In addition, we also carry a wide range of guns and other accessories.

Amazing items you'll find in stock!

  • Guns (all types)

  • Jewelry

  • Diamonds

  • Gold

Borrow $10 to $100,000 -

we hold all pawns for 30 days with no obligation to pay. Call us for details!


Pick from a wide range of electronics

  • Phones

  • Cameras

  • iPad

  • Computers

  • Select watches

  • Select tools

Antiques and more!

  • Select motorcycles

  • High end antiques

  • Extreme oddities

  • Novelties

  • Precious stones

  • Scrap gold

  • Gold coins and gold bars

  • Silver coins and silver bars

  • Guitars

  • Amps

  • High end electronics

  • Select digital cameras

  • Smart flat screen TVs

  • Native American art

  • Americana artifacts

  • Some art work

  • Antique clocks

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