How to Figure Out The Worth of Gold

Gold is valued based on karats (with 24 karat gold being the purest and therefore the most valuable) as well as by weight. Gold weight is measured in Troy ounces. A Troy ounce is 31 grams, so if you weigh your item on a scale capable of reading grams, and divide by 31, you'll get it's weight in Troy ounces. Next, you'll need to look up the value of your type of gold, simply put, you take the karat of your gold and divide it by 24 and this will give you the purity. Current up to the minute spot gold prices can be found at kitco.com


Gold is always a good option whether you're looking for some extra cash, or just wanting to take advantage of the current high prices. Almost all pawn shops pay a percentage of "scrap price" for gold. Be aware, though, that some antiques (such as watches) may be worth significantly more than scrap price, depending on their rarity and age, so make sure to take your items to a reputable place before you make a deal. Here at Presidential Pawn we have 3 generations of experience in dealing in precious metals, diamond jeweler, and fine timepieces.

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